Special Class with Rohan de Korte!

We are so excited to have Melbourne Symphony Orchestra cellist Rohan de Korte as our guest artist for the first Special Class of 2018! Please join us as we explore this beautiful instrument and the extraordinary range of sounds it can make.

Rohan will be joined by the exciting young Melbourne pianist Laurence Matheson. Read more about Rohan and Laurence here.


Monday March 12th 2018 (Labour Day Public Holiday)

Class 1: 10:00am to 10:45am

Class 2: 11:15am to 12:00pm

Both classes run in Japanese


$17 per child

Parents free


Korean Church of Melbourne

23-27 Glendearg Grove, Malvern 3144

Limited tickets available! Book online here.



This week was Halloween, and many of the children dressed up for class! We pretended to be witches and zoomed around the room on our brooms, but when we played Grieg’s “Hall of the Mountain King” some of the children got scared and started to cry! I was glad to see that the reactions they have to the music are so honest. We changed to a happy song and their tears dried up in an instant.


Next we used Halloween balloons which were a bit scary as well! Despite the scary class everyone was smiling at the end, especially after the special “trick or treat”!

Composer of the week was Ludwig van Beethoven (1770 – 1827): Three Duos, No.3.



This week I brought a metronome to class, and all of the children were transfixed! They did not move at all while they watched the slow swinging of the pendulum, and I was surprised by their amazing concentration.


At Rie’s Music World we try to encourage the children to get up in front of the class for small presentations. There are always some children who are a bit more shy and my daughter was one of those who used to avoid those situations. However when they see others getting up they want to encourage them, and at the same time they want to emulate them. Then when they finally push themselves to do it they feel a sense of pride, and each time after that their confidence improves.

In future classes I would like to include activities that the children will want to dive into before they even feel the embarrassment of standing in front of the class!


This week’s composer was Johann Strauss II.



The heat has suddenly arrived in Melbourne, the capital of unpredictable weather! From down jackets one week to shorts the next, I still have not gotten used to it after 7 years.

Each term we have a different instrument theme – in Term 1 it was string instruments, Term 2 was percussion, Term 3 was voice and now in Term 4 it is time for my favourite, wind instruments! Just as with the voice, breathing is very important when playing instruments. In Term 4 we are starting the class with breathing, in and out, feeling and understanding the movements of the body.

DSC 07318 (2)

This week we explored what sound is, something that moves through the air yet we cannot see it. We made handmade party poppers so that we could “see” the sound, and we were all surprised at how loud they were! Soon we got used to it and using the poppers we played along with Haydn’s “Surprise” Symphony.

Composer of the week: Edward Elgar (1857 – 1934), “Salut d’amour”, op.12


New Baby Class!

After many requests for a “baby class” I am excited to announce that we will begin this class in November!

The first class will be on Wednesday November 8 from 11:00am to 11:40am, with tea time afterwards. Term 4 will have 7 classes from November 8 to December 20, run by myself and a pianist. The target age range is from 0 to about 2 years old, so for this age the mums will be supporting their babies for movements.

When my first child was this age I often thought it would be great to have a class like this. My daughter did not sleep at all, had trouble feeding, and I was so tired all the time that I could not think properly. The first year was the most difficult because I had no family or friends here who could help me. Every day was so long, and I needed something to look forward to. During the class we will sing familiar Japanese songs, hear some easy classics and do some gentle exercises to help relax the body from constant carrying and feeding. We will find other mums in similar situations who can empathise and encourage each other through this special time.

Music has the incredible power to change our states, and while the mothers are happy and relaxed the babies can absorb so much from the music that can encourage their development. Let’s create a place where everyone can be happy when they come to class!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us, or book a free trial class here. We look forward to seeing you at one of our classes soon!