New Baby Class!

After many requests for a “baby class” I am excited to announce that we will begin this class in November!

The first class will be on Wednesday November 8 from 11:00am to 11:40am, with tea time afterwards. Term 4 will have 7 classes from November 8 to December 20, run by myself and a pianist. The target age range is from 0 to about 2 years old, so for this age the mums will be supporting their babies for movements.

When my first child was this age I often thought it would be great to have a class like this. My daughter did not sleep at all, had trouble feeding, and I was so tired all the time that I could not think properly. The first year was the most difficult because I had no family or friends here who could help me. Every day was so long, and I needed something to look forward to. During the class we will sing familiar Japanese songs, hear some easy classics and do some gentle exercises to help relax the body from constant carrying and feeding. We will find other mums in similar situations who can empathise and encourage each other through this special time.

Music has the incredible power to change our states, and while the mothers are happy and relaxed the babies can absorb so much from the music that can encourage their development. Let’s create a place where everyone can be happy when they come to class!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us, or book a free trial class here. We look forward to seeing you at one of our classes soon!



Term 4 has started!

On Monday we kicked off Term 4, including a new Japanese class at 12:00pm. After four classes my cheeks were sore from laughing so much! I enjoyed the school holidays with my kids but it was great to get back to class.

DSC06622 (2).JPG

The expressions on children’s faces are always changing, their minds constantly working. In the class we try to create an environment where the children are free to say what they think, or to ask “why” or “how”.

Composer of the week: Antonin Dvořák (1841 – 1904)
Humoresque, Op.101 No.7


Thank you Jacqueline and Simon!

Yesterday we had our Special Class for Term 3 with over 100 people attending two classes. Thank you all for coming on your precious public holiday!

DSC 06130 (2 ) (1)


Soprano Jacqueline Porter along with pianist Simon Stone showed us the incredible range and capabilities of the human voice, and at first I was surprised by the amazing sound of Jacqueline, completely different from our untrained singing voice. Many of us were in tears after the first song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”.

DSC 06190 (2 ) (1) .JPG

When I started Rie’s Music World I really wanted to give children (and their parents) the experience of the true power of music, and with the sublime sound world that the wonderful Jacqueline Porter and Simon Stone created at this Special Class it seems that all who attended were able to take away something that they will never forget.

Even now I can still hear “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” in my head, and I’m sure I am not the only one! Thank you so much Jacqueline and Simon.



We are getting close to the end of the term and I’m so happy to see how much all of the classes have bonded. This week we did various group activities and all of the students were helping, sharing, encouraging and compromising for one another, creating enjoyment for themselves as well as their friends. At this early stage of their lives it is sometimes not so easy to have space to think about others, so I was so glad to experience this wonderful warmth in every class.


This week we revisited the French composer Claude Debussy with his “Golliwog’s Cakewalk” from the piano suite “Children’s Corner”, which was dedicated to his 3 year old daughter Claude-Emma.

Next week is the last week of Term 3! After that we are looking forward to Special Class on the 29th with the wonderful Jacqueline Porter. Tickets still available!


Violin showcase!

This week Anne-Marie Johnson, one of Australia’s finest young violinists, came to play for us. Anne-Marie recently returned from postgraduate study in Geneva and was preparing for the Bartok World Violin Competition, an international competition for violinists under the age of 30, held in Hungary over the next two weeks.

Anne-Marie played many difficult pieces for us, each between 6 and 11 minutes long, and despite the concerns of some mums many of the children were able to concentrate well, sitting quietly throughout the performance.

The ability to focus on one thing is developed gradually, and whether it is driving, cooking or learning a musical instrument it is an essential skill in our daily lives. I was so glad to see the children so involved and concentrated, and I hope that the wonderful music and Anne-Marie’s beautiful playing will be an experience that will stay in their memories. We wish Anne-Marie all the best for her performances over the next two weeks!

Special Class with Jacqueline Porter is on September 29, tickets available here.


This week’s music:
Bach – Unaccompanied Violin Sonata No.1 in G minor: Adagio
Bartok – Rhapsody No.2 (excerpt)
Bartok – Sonata for Solo Violin: 1st movement
Saint-Saëns – Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso