Toddler and Baby Classes

Risa-sensei and Rie-sensei

These classes are run by Rie-sensei and designed for mothers and babies to feel the beauty and joy that music can bring, listening and moving to classical and traditional pieces played live on the piano by Risa-sensei.

Our babies start developing their hearing even before they are born, and in these precious first years we can give them many different musical experiences that will shape and enhance their love for music as they grow.

It is often difficult for new parents to get enough sleep at night, and our bodies build up tension from the daily routine. In this class we will use the power of music to relax, share experiences and create a space where we can breathe a little easier, even just for a little while.

Baby Class is designed for ages 0 to 1 year old, and Toddler Class for ages 1 to 2 years old.

Baby Class

Toddler Class